What are Super Computers ?

Super computer is a computer which has greater speed and memory than any other normal computer. This computers are thousand times faster than the classical normal computers. This kind of computers works on floating - point operations per second (FLOPS) rather than million instructions per seconds. After 2017 there are some computers which can perform operations upto 10^17 FLOPS. there are total 500 super computers in the world and all of them are linux based operating system.

The super computers are normally use for computational science and various other task likes quantum mechanics, molecule modeling, oil and gas exploration. This computers are used in physical simulation like early stages of universe, detonation of nuclear weapons and nuclear fussion. The first of it was built in 1960s by the Control Data Corporation (CDC).

The US has been dominant in the field of super computers because of cray. Later in 80s and 90s japan made major strides in it. And after 1990s china has been more active in building super computers. Among the TOP500 super computers the top is held by FUGAKU in japan followed by summit. US has the four among top 10 and china having two of them. With such a high speed of operating and performance this computers are used for many different types of work which are not possible in normal classic computers.

Advantages of using Super computers :

1. Low processing time: The most important advantage of using this computers is the speed of processing operations. The problems which will take your computer to solve in days and weeks the super computers can solve it in fraction of a second.

2. Solving new problems : The unmatched speed of this computers have allowed to di the calculations which were impossible to do on the Normal computers. Let's take a example of whether forecasting which requires a heavy calculation of data can be done by this computers.

3. Low cost of processing: With high speed of operating it has lowered the cost spent on doin the calculations and operations. Increased efficiency has made the difference of cost in performance of super computers.

This computers are used in very important areas and are only used by government and big corporations.

Some the important uses of super computers are :

1. Scientific research

Scientific research are mostly dependent upon the twisting of numbers from the data to get final outcome. This is done by such super computers. The dara is input in the computers and the result is calculated by doing operations on the data provided.

2. Intelligence Agencies

The intelligence agencies keep an eye on every suspicious person and various terrorist organizations or government for security purposes. This is also done by this computers. Every part of communication like internet, phones, emails are over watched through it.

This super computers are now the secret and efficient way of security and research in the world.