What is a Robot ?

Basically, the robot is a machine that can perform various tasks which a human can do. Today there are various types of robots in the market and for every kind of work. It can be fully autonomous or semi-autonomous. The study, design, and construction of robots is called robotics.

Humans have always wanted to reduce the work done by them, so they created robots to perform various work on account of humans. The robots are built from a very long period in history. The Chinese have used them for protecting the Buddha's monument, various middle east scholars have created robots run by hydropower in the middle centuries.

Uses of Robots :
  • 1. Self-driven cars
  • 2. Security, surveillance, and defense
  • 3. Cooking
  • 4. Medical usage
  • 5. Education
  • 6. Home maintenance
  • 7. Doing dangerous jobs

Types of robots:

The types of robots are defined by the work they are built for or how they are built or how complicated they are built.

1. Autonomous vehicles :

The vehicle which is fully autonomous or semi-autonomous is also a kind of robot. The robot analyzes the information of the road and performs the commands it has been programmed for. The robot is built in very complicated manner with tons of coding and a lot of features.

Various companies like tesla, Optimus ride, Waymo uses such types of robots in their vehicles.

2. Disaster response robots :

This kind of robot is made for helping people in times of emergencies or during disasters. They are built to rescue the people or to search for them. Various companies have built different types of disaster response robots. Some can perform a lifeboat to save the people at the time of floods.

3. Drones :

Drones are full automatic robots that are used for serving the area geographically. Army drones that fly at the height of 20,000 feet are not detected by any radar and can perform their given task without any attention.

4. Industrial robots :

This robot can be fully autonomous or semi-autonomous. Every industry which manufacturers something uses such types of robots. As the workers can't perform the heavy work or delicate work. These robots are used.

5. Humanoid robot :

Humanoid robots are the most advanced robots of all. They are programmed to the facial expressions as the humans do, they can express the knowledge and emotions the same as humans. They have given the body of humans.

They are delicately engineered machines which help us to ease the work we did. They have improved every work done by humans in time taken and delicacy. Robots are the future of humankind as the they are enhancing the qualities of our life.