Reusable Launch System

Space has always excited the minds of humans. The vastness of the silent universe has always given me the motivation to explore it.

To do so we have to leave the gravity of the earth to send the telescopes, space ships, and many other goods and machines in space. But most of the rockets used in that process are expendable which means they can only be used once. The Reusable Launch System is a system where all or some part of components can be used more than once.

It was costly for the space organization to use expendable systems because they can be used only one time. So they have to spend a lot of their budget on this. The scientists thought that they should create a system which can be used again and again which will be more convenient and less expensive.

The space shuttle being the first of this kind reaches orbit in 1981 buy the mission was failed. The main aim of that mission was to reduce the cost of the missions.

In the 21st century, the private sector has given a significant amount of interest to these reusable launch systems. Elon Musk, the CEO and founder of SpaceX has launched and tested the first stage reusable rockets. Which can cut the cost of sending humans or commodities to space to some extent.

This is not the only one with reusable rockets there is Richard Barson with virgin galactic and jeff Bezos, this business tycoons know that space and space missions are the future of the human race and they are investing billions and billions of dollars in it.

There are various challenges in front of scientists before creating RLV(Reusable launch vehicles). The 90% weight on any Mission is only the fuel weight because the gravity of the earth while living its atmosphere is very high which requires lit energy.

Only the 3% weight is of the payload which has to be sent in the space.

List of Reusable launch systems:
  • 1. Falcon 9 of space x
  • 2. Falcon heavy of space x
  • 3. Starship of space x
  • 4. Electron of rocket lab
  • 5. Blue shepherd of blue origin

To date, there is not a single fully reusable launch system that can be used. There are many single-stage reusable rockets that are used in missions. Although the partially reusable rockets face many difficulties while re-entering the earth's atmosphere.

The heat while entering the earth is so extreme that it can melt the metals of the rockets. So a heat shield is an important component of Reusable rockets. The braking system while touching the ground is a crucial part, there are many ways of landing like breaking (using parachutes and hard landing), vertical landing, horizontal landing. After landing the rockets are refurbished for later use. The cost of extra fuel and refurbishment of the rockets is less than building a new rocket.