Nettop computer

Nettop is a low-budget, small size, and inexpensive computer which is built for only basic applications like web browsing, accessing web applications, and playing audio or videos.

The word Nettop is derived from mixing the two words 'network' and 'Desktop'.

These computers are not only smaller and less expensive but also use less amount of energy. CompuLab's fit-PC2 a Mini pc uses only 8 watts of power whereas a normal pc would consume a minimum of 100 watts of power.

These nettops do not have complicated circuits and a large amount of ram or rom. It is a simple version of pc for doing normal and simpler tasks. The nettop uses the processor of Intel core and can have an entry-level of CPUs and ram ranging from 1 to 4 GB and hard disk beginning from 500 GB.

The processor can vary between single or dual-core (1.2 - 1.6 GHz)

Nettops are used by many peoples as home servers which are not too much expensive. The consumer got some features which are unbeaten like compactness, less wiring, easy to install and lightweight and uses comparatively very less amount of energy.

The monitors, speakers, Webcam, microphones are all integrated into it only the keyboard and mouse are selected separately.

Nettops of high quality can be used to install windows 10 on it and Google Chrome os or Android also. Basically, the Android was developed for Mobile phones but it is also gaining popularity in the nettop market. Linux is also popular nowadays in the nettops.

The first demand for this type of computer rise in the late 2000s when the need for low-cost client-based computers rose. Various types of nettops came to light and looking at the rising temperature of this market many big companies started to produce such types of pcs.

Later the demand for portable nettop devices came which has given birth to netbooks which are most like a nettop. Then the crisis of 2008 came which has affected the world with the economic crisis. The market of netbooks and nettop rose as people use to prefer this because of its low cost than the normal pcs. However, in late 2009 the market was down because the normal pcs have a huge unsold inventory in various online shops and showrooms. Later the market again gets heated in 2015 when the urge for a compact and single boarded pc was in the market.

Some famous nettops in the market :
  • 1. Asus Vivo mini
  • 2. Hp Elite Slice
  • 3. Apple mac mini
  • 4. MSI Cubi 3 silent
  • 5. Zotac Magnus