TruAirPlay Airplay Receiver 2.2.13 by Tru App

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TruAirPlay Airplay Receiver2.2.13

TruAirPlay Airplay Receiver / Screenshots

TruAirPlay Airplay Receiver / Description

TruAirPlay is a lightweight AirPlay audio receiver with Remote
control & Artwork display feature.

It will appear in AirPlay applications as a device you can play
music to.

It works in the background streaming music to your Android

IMPORTANT: before starting the app make sure required devices are
connected to a WiFi network.


– Stream audio from AirPlay clients (itunes iOS airfoil …)

– Play in sync with other Airplay receivers

– Can Remote control iTunes like play pause next track previous
track shuffle on shuffle off

– Displays Artwork while playing

– Run in the background as a service

– Can mute playback on phone call

– Can be started on boot


– Audio only no video

– Remote control doesn’t work if music played from iPhone /

Examples of use:

– stream your itunes music to your Android device with Hyperfine
Remote for iTunes

– wireless speaker or headset

– recycle older or broken Android devices as a dedicated networked

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