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The sport of Tennis is currently widely loved around the world, and spectators often receive satisfying, breathtaking, and tense matches between players. Because of the popularity of the sport, which has been used in many simulation games, even transforming it into new things for players to enjoy. One such game is TOP SEED Tennis, a Sports Management Simulation Game, which uses Tennis as the theme and develops flawless gameplay. In that game, the player will experience the simulation of tennis management, and the player will build a name for a tennis player, making him a new star in the sports industry. The game also applies tactical elements, allowing players to control the character to win resounding victories.



TOP SEED Tennis will reimagine the management of Tennis for players to take care of and build a career path for a 16-year-old young man with a strong passion for Tennis. The main game mode of the game is Career Mode, and players will have access to a variety of functions to enhance and train their characters. Through it, players will face off against peer players, win, enter world tournaments, earn fame, and receive lots of great sponsorship. The game has many things for players to explore and experience, even bringing the most authentic management feeling with Tennis. The player will be both a manager, a coach, and a companion of the 16-year-old, making him a new star in the Tennis sport.



What makes TOP SEED Tennis stand out is the function that allows players to build a Tennis career the way they want. Players can even freely customize characters, gameplay, and more for the best experience with the game. That management system will have a lot of fun for players to train their characters, even improving in multiple aspects such as technically, physically, and mentally to face stronger opponents. In the future, players will have to participate in many events, with attractive rewards, and at the same time make their name resonate worldwide. If players are not confident enough in their character training, they can hire professional staff and provide a wealth of knowledge about Tennis to the player. The star the player is building has a bright future ahead, which depends on the player’s management abilities.



A tennis star must always go through hundreds of advanced training to win quickly. The player can improve the character’s strength, stamina, and accuracy thanks to the training system, and even learn more fascinating skills that help him overwhelm the game. The skill system is also divided into two categories: attack and defense; players can customize these skills in the direction they want and apply them effectively in battle. A Tennis player can learn many skills at once but will be significantly limited because of the opponent’s tactical ability. Therefore, players must apply tactical elements to this game and align the most reasonable time to use skills.




The game will introduce two game modes for players to enjoy, namely automatic control and manual control. The auto mode will make the character use whatever skill is most sensible to defeat an opponent, but time can be lengthened as it comes pre-programmed a process. The manual mode is different, where the player can move characters, use skills, and decide on techniques in the most sensible way. It is then that the player’s tactical skill is shown, and they will easily overwhelm the tennis court with their skill. The game also applies realistic physics with accurate Tennis rules for players to have the most authentic experience with this game and with Tennis.



In any sport, there will always be a tournament concept, which is a playground for professionals, with great rewards waiting and great honor. However, each tournament has its unique characteristics, namely size, rewards, and opponents. That also applies to TOP SPEED Tennis, as players can join any tournament they like. Even if players fail or win any tournament, the game will reward for their efforts.

TOP SPEED Tennis is a perfect example of a blend of simulator and sport management, where players will build a career for a 16-year-old. Furthermore, the player can customize, personalize, and decide on his career, making himself popular in a unique way. This game deserves to be one of the best management games, as it gives players a lot of authentic experience and knowledge of Tennis.

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