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The 10 best Google products you can buy

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Google may be best known for its search engine, but the company also makes a slew of hardware products. These include high-end as well as midrange smartphones, smart speakers, streaming devices, and even thermostats, among many others. Here are the 10 best Google products you can spend your money on.

The best Google products:

Editor’s note: We will update our list of the best Google products as new devices launch.

1. Google Pixel 4 series

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The Pixel 4 family smartphones pack high-end specs like the Snapdragon 855 (paired with 6GB of RAM), but that’s not what makes these phones stand out. The Pixel series has always been great at photography and this continues with the Pixel 4 and 4 XL. Their camera captures more detail than the Pixel 3 series, handles white balance even better, and improves on HDR, portrait mode, and selfies. Night Sight (Google’s name for night mode) is also better this time around.

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On the downside, there’s no ultra-wide sensor on board. Google also doesn’t prioritize video. While the iPhone 11 has 4K at 60fps on its front-facing camera, the Pixel 4 still doesn’t even support it on its primary camera. Google’s flagships shoot decent-looking 1080p video at 30, 60, and 120fps, but you can only shoot 4K at 30fps. Bottom-line, if video is important to you, the Pixel 4 XL might not be the best option.

This is one of the most popular Android phones, so it’s definitely one of the best Google products you can buy.

2. Google Pixel 4a series

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The cheaper sibling of the Pixel 4 and 4 XL, the Google Pixel 4a, accomplishes something very few mid-range smartphones have done: it offers stunning camera quality at a super low price point. Add the surprisingly-smooth performance from the Snapdragon 730G and the guarantee of three years of updates, and you have two of the best Google products available.

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You are paying less, so there are some obvious sacrifices to be had with the Pixel 4a. The differences here boil down to design, performance, and overall features. The body is made of plastic, you don’t get a high-end processor like the Pixel 4’s Snapdragon 855, and there is only one color option to choose from (black). You will also miss out on wireless charging and an IP rating.

This is still not a bad deal considering it launched with a $349 price point, though. This makes it one of the best Google products you can buy on a budget.

3. Google Nest Hub Max

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The Google Nest Hub Max has everything you look for in a smart display and then some. Large 10-inch display? Check. Stereo speaker system with above-average sound quality? Sure. Camera sensing and face match technology? Yup. A front-facing camera that doubles as an indoor security camera? Uh-huh.

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Most importantly, the Nest Hub Max brings together all of your smart home products and provides an easy way to control them. Did we mention it even works as a fancy digital photo frame? It’s definitely one of the best Google products and a must for smart home owners.

4. Nest Learning Thermostat

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The Google Nest Learning Thermostat’s key feature is right in the name. Within a week of recording your preferences, it learns your routine and adjusts accordingly. For example, it’ll automatically cool your room at night once it knows that’s what you do every night.

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The Nest Learning Thermostat also knows when you leave your home from your routine or from your phone’s GPS. Because of that flexibility, you can control the Nest Learning Thermostat and monitor its energy usage from your phone. It’s definitely one of the best Google products if you use your air conditioning often, as it pays for itself in under two years when you factor in electricity savings.

5. Google Pixel Buds

A picture of the Google Pixel Buds 2020 true wireless earbuds next to a Google smartphone.” title=”Google Pixel Buds 2020 true wireless earbuds smartphone” width=”1200″>

Google joins the true wireless headphones market with the Pixel Buds. This tiny set of earbuds can be stored in a charging case and be used discretely. They offer good sound quality, IPX4 water resistance, easy pairing with Android devices, and great Google Assistant integration. The minimalist design is also clean and elegant.

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These earbuds are a little expensive and we don’t believe they are the best true wireless headphones out there, but they can be enticing and convenient for Android users. They are definitely exciting enough to make it to the list of the best Google products, though.

6. Chromecast Ultra

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You can save some money if you opt for the regular Chromecast. However, you’d miss out on the Chromecast Ultra’s key feature: 4K streaming. That’s compared to the regular Chromecast, which tops out at 1080p/60fps.

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Also, the Chromecast Ultra is the only Chromecast compatible with Google’s Stadia cloud gaming service. Other features include high dynamic range support through HDR10 and Dolby Vision, faster load times than older Chromecast dongles, and an included Ethernet adapter. It’s a powerful smart TV accessory and one of the best Google products you can find.

7. Google Nest Mini

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Google’s Home Mini was one of the best Google products thanks to its smart home functionality and smaller price point. The second generation changes the name structure to Google Nest Mini, and it is an even better deal.

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Of course, the Nest Mini lets you control your smart home devices. That means you can control the thermostat, lights, and more with your voice. To makes matters better, the Nest Mini now comes with improved sound quality, better voice recognition, and the same price point.

8. Nest Hello

” title=”nest hello” width=”1200″>

The Google Nest Hello is a smart doorbell equipped with a camera, speaker, and microphone. It is able to stream and record video 24/7, and takes advantage of features like HDR, night vision, a wide field of view, and HD video quality.

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You also get all the power of Google’s software. The camera can recognize packages and faces, then send you specialized notifications. The included mic and speakers make it possible to talk to your visitors from anywhere, and you can also leave pre-recorded messages. Not to mention it also serves as a security camera. All these features and abilities make it one of the best Google products you can get.

9. Google Pixelbook Go

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The Pixelbook Go is the latest Pixelbook device offered by Google. It is not as prestigious as the older generation Pixelbook, but it comes with newer components and a streamlined, minimalist design many will love. The screen also can’t be turned all the way around to take on a tablet form, but it is cheaper, starting at $649.

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The laptop is made from magnesium and weighs 2.3 pounds. Specs are pretty powerful considering the Pixelbook Go runs the light-weight Chrome OS operating system. You can pay for more power if you need it, though. You can get up to an Intel Core i7 processor, 16GB of RAM, 256GB of storage, and 4K resolution. That version will cost $1,399, though. Regardless of which one you pick, this is definitely one of the best Google products you can get.

10. Google Nest Wi-Fi

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A home can be a wonderful oasis, but the walls inside can greatly interfere with your internet connection. That’s where Google Nest Wi-Fi comes in. Google Nest Wi-Fi provides up to 3,800 feet of wireless connectivity. It can work as a mesh network and provide internet to areas of your home otherwise poorly covered or not covered at all.

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The great thing about the latest generation of Nest Wi-Fi is that it has Google Assistant baked in. This means it doubles as a Google Nest speaker and you can control your Wi-Fi network using your voice, as well as use all other features Assistant has to offer.

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