Robomann360 Vacuum Cleaner For Just $269.99 on Amazon

The Robomann360 Vacuum Cleaner has an ultrasonic sensor onboard, which detects furniture, chairs, objects, etc. Even higher and evades them. At the identical time, there is a brand new remote manage with which you may control the robot manually. The app manipulate is of route retained. Alexa and Google Assistant are also supported.

Buy Robomann360 Vacuum Cleaner at $269.99 on Amazon


With the Robomann360 capable of the wipe, mop, or do each at the same time. Having a 600ml trash can and 400ml water canister with its intelligent management of water inside. The maximum striking, in my opinion, though, is its patented noise-minimizing design. It constantly proves its wit. Heading off collisions with ultrasonic sensors can climb boundaries up to two cm. And mechanically increases suction depth while it realizes that it wipes the carpet while using the app that includes it set no-sweeping and no-mopping areas.


Robomann360 comes with the Carpet Boost that boosts the robot’s suction from 1600 Pa to 1800 Pa once. It recognizes a carpeted surface to provide deep cleaning. it is surprisingly quiet when working considering its strong suction the robot makes a noise that is equivalent to 65 dB, With this sound level, you are still able to hold a conversation without the robot disturbing you.

It can maintain a 95% filtration performance even after one year of washing and avoid air re-contamination. Moreover, the washable filter can filter household dust, pet dander. Mold spores and plant pollens giving you a healthy and allergy-free household. The supplied filters are washable and everything is easy to access, meaning it’s simple to keep this robot in tip-top shape and cleaning efficiently.


In addition, this Robomann360 uses a 2600 mAh battery, which is stress-free to complete the whole family mopping and sweeping. There are two charging modes, charging dock charging and body charging can be selected according to your needs. The working time is 2 hours, gradients of up to 1.7 centimeters can be overcome.

Where To Buy

Robomann360 Vacuum Cleaner is now available on Amazon For Just $269.99 on Flash Deal. Click the following button for order now:

Buy Robomann360 Vacuum Cleaner at $269.99 on Amazon

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