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Pocket Styler MOD APK is a fashion simulation game. In the game, your main mission here is “dressing up” for female models. Sounds attractive?

Overview information

Pocket Styler: Become a fashion icon, open up to high fashion

A perfect fashion game for girls

I’m not really a fashion enthusiast, so I had to invite a well-mannered girlfriend to try this game and review it. After playing, I asked her how she felt. She answered succinctly: “Happy!” with a wide-eyed smile.

If you have a strong love for fashion, are interested in fashionistas, or simply want to learn to enhance your fashion gout, like my above girlfriend, welcome to the world of Pocket Styler.

In the game, regardless of your skin color, race, or face type, you will also become a “supermodel” with a Miss World standard hourglass body. No need to worry about “appearance and physique”! Through each round of the game, you will show off your aesthetic taste slowly rising to be more superior than ever. New York City far away has now become your “land”, where you freely enjoy fashion colors and build your career with your fashion trendsetter image.

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What is the whole progress of Pocket Styler? 

In the opening, you meet the character narrator, Rachel. She asks you some questions and brings you options one by one regarding your appearances such as your face/ hair/ skin/ body shape, your hobby, and favorite colors, … you can choose a few options for each one to use later, depending on your mood. 

Next, Rachel will help you “level up” yourself by taking you shopping around to choose clothes for the models. At least whatever you do, your models should look good first!

Once you’re done, Rachel will ask you to turn around for people around here to vote your style? After voting, you will get points corresponding to the number of votes. The point here could be money, maybe admiration, maybe diamonds, or maybe some cute accessories. The money will be used to continue shopping for items. The admiration will be a measure of your “popularity”, deciding whether you really become a future trendsetter in the end or not. Diamonds will be used to buy great items that sometimes you can’t buy even with a lot of money like limited edition brands. And for accessories, just put them in the closet immediately to use later whenever you want.

So, after Rachel’s voting, you’ve got a bit of money, a free accessory, and a few favorites (no diamonds at this stage yet).

Next, Rachel would say, “Well, in our bustling New York City, there are loads of big and small events, let’s dress up and go out! But remember to carefully look at the dress code to not be different from others”.

Well, you have the chance to go shopping again and buy what you like. My note here is to remember to carefully note the dress code of the event, time of the event, the weather, places, allowing bring a friend or not… and try to follow, or else you will be denigrated and vote low scores.

Accumulate points and go back to shopping freely, from event to event.


The climax is the showdown that competes fiercely with other players or with the AI ​​of the system to win front-line positions in prestigious fashion shows or to get a VIP ticket into some legendary music live show. At this point, you need to show off your fashionista skills with your fanciful things to defeat other competitors in the same theme. After all, there will be voting. The screen is now divided into 3 parts: one for you, one for your competitor, and the other for voting results. Whoever gets more votes will get a purple check mark and become a winner of that category.

Keep going like that until the day you become the representative of a world-famous fashion brand to officially create a glorious position for your fashion trendsetter life. And we should you call you: a fashion icon!

You may surely guess the gameplay of Pocket Styler. Yes, only touch, select and drag. Over. The remaining 90% for the win will be your mix-match skills and fashion gout.

Music and graphics

 The sound through the game is quite exciting. Depending on the events and developments in the game, the background music will change rhythm and style. But in general, the music is non-verbal, modern, and sounds very beautiful.

And of course, a fashion game, especially this kind, 3D graphics are super important. The game gives you 1001 (and more) things to choose from and customize your models. No matter what you choose, it will turn out extremely matching with your model. The suit, jewelry, and accessories are very fit, very natural without any pressure.

Ah, regarding the models, usually with a mid-range fashion game, changing the facial contours of a model is quite limited. But in Pocket Styler, you can freely choose any face, hair, skin color, physique, eyes, eyebrows, curled lashes, attractive lips to turn out a very beautiful, natural, and personality girl. 

MOD APK version of Pocket Styler

MOD feature

Free Shopping

Download Pocket Styler MOD APK for Android

Well, my girlfriend after playing this game told me that “Not playing this game will waste half of my life”. Do you know what to do now?

Download Pocket Styler to play right here.

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