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One4Wall – Unique wallpapers v2.2 [Premium] APK [Latest]


One4Wall - Unique wallpapers

One4Wall is a wallpaper app, created with idea to provide you only unique wallpapers, handcrafted by our designers.

One4Wall contains:

1. 104 free wallpapers (more coming soon in regular updates)

2. 6 premium albums with total of 300 premium wallpapers (50 wallpapers per album)

All wallpapers are high quality, vector based stored on cloud. Please note that thumbnail previews in the app are slightly lower quality than the actual images which you apply as wallpaper.

Inside the One4Wall app, you will find 5 tabs:

1. Wallpapers

Inside this tab you will find free wallpapers, waiting to be applied directly from our app.

2. Collections

Inside this tab you can find all free wallpapers grouped inside albums so you can browse what you really want (Dark wallpapers, Light Wallpapers, Colorful Wallpapers etc.).

3. Premium

Inside this tab, you will find premium One4Wall albums. Each album contains 50 premium wallpapers. You can buy each album separately or you can buy Pro key which unlocks all premium albums, including the albums that will be added in the next updates of One4Wall app. Pro key also unlocks download of free wallpaper.

4. Favorites

Inside this tab, you can find all wallpapers you checked as favorite.

5. CS14

Inside this tab, you can find links to all other apps made by us, but also links for our Twitter account, Telegram group chat etc.

If you like our walls, please leave your review and help us spread the word about One4Wall!

Having problems or you have a suggestion or some idea on how to improve One4Wall?


Feel free to email us at: [email protected]

Follow us on Twitter:

What’s New:

April 17th / v1.0

Initial release

104 free wallpapers

6 premium (paid) albums (each album contains 50 premium wallpapers)

This app has no advertisements



One4Wall – Unique wallpapers v2.2 [Premium] APK / Mirror

Older Version

One4Wall – Unique wallpapers v2.1 [Premium] APK / Mirror

One4Wall – Unique wallpapers v2.0.3 [Premium] APK / Mirror

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