Mini DAYZ: Zombie Survival (MOD, Immortal/Plus)

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Apocalypse is always a pretty much-discussed issue on social networks. Our Earth has been predicted many times, but after all, everything is going on normally, and everyone’s life continues. Inspired by this theme, some titles have been released that portray very clearly the outcome of the Earth. All bridges will break, the tsunami is high, … If you want to find a post-apocalyptic themed game, Mini DAYZ: Zombie Survival will take you to the most authentic experience.

There are no rules, except one – to survive

Mini DAYZ: Zombie Survival is set when the Earth is behind the apocalypse where everything becomes ruined and very desolate. But one thing you should pay attention to in the game is Zombie Survival, i.e., after the end of the world, some people have been turned into Zombie. And as characteristics of zombies in favorite movies like Land of the Dead, Train To Busan, etc., they will look for people to enjoy the smell of blood and life from them.

Meet AI survivors

Playing the role of one of the surviving individuals on Earth, you will have to fight yourself into the Zombies. You will have to search for yourself with necessary items like weapons, … to be able to maintain life and protect yourself. The game always facilitates you to find more powerful weapons to equip yourself and survive longer in the game as well as have a deeper experience of this game.


Explore a beautifully handcrafted

Sometimes you will encounter Ai but not any of them can be trusted. One will be quite friendly, but some will attack you, so one thing is for sure that all kinds of dangers are always lurking around you. The simulation game is very realistic in the time element. You will see other time changes from day to night, and from there you need to have different tactics. In the morning it will be time to look for food that can be eaten or used to protect your own health and will discover the right path. As time goes on, you will have to take firewood to create fire because sometimes the weather will be very erratic like a snowstorm,… or find a way to warm yourself up because your character will have one thing Certain health conditions and you must preserve it so that characters can survive longer in the game

Pixel style

Mini DAYZ: Zombie Survival is designed in a 2.5D style so you can not take too much time to orient or find a way out of the hordes of zombies. Because the graphics are not high, the game does not require too much configuration, so you will be able to experience it anytime you want.

Mini DAYZ will be the game that gives you time to have fun when you are put in a difficult situation and need to have the skills to be able to overcome. And due to the simple gameplay but challenging players, the game has been installed many times on the app store (more than 5 million times). Now you can experience this game yourself.

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