Medicinal Plants and uses 2.6.9 by Patrikat Softech

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Medicinal Plants and uses2.6.9

Medicinal Plants and uses / Screenshots

Medicinal Plants and uses / Description

This herbal medicine book free is a natural healing guide which
contains all medicinal herbs and their uses described. There are
many herbal medicinal plants and uses/medicinal fruits in the
forests and bushes used as healing herbs which you know not about
them. Learn about the natural herbal remedies and natural healing
free medicinal fruitshealing foods medicinal flowersmedicinal foods
and more tips on herbs and their uses.Most disease treatment drugs
are made from healing herbsherbal remedy and medicinal foods.
Medicinal plants and herbs provides treatment for all diseases.This
android app offers all medical plants and its uses commonly known
as healing plants or healing herbs .

This medical plant app provides some natural remedies for a healthy
skin stomach diseasesstomach healthbrain healthheart
diseasesstomach painherbal treatment and treatment for almost all
diseases. Use our healthy skin tips to fight all skin diseases skin
tagswrigglessun burns stretch marks etc. Medical plants and uses
are a source of natural healing.


Key features.

Medicinal plants and their uses offline

Botanical or scientific names of plants used as medicine

Side effects of all drugs

Natural medicine for health

Herbs and their uses

Pregnancy precaution

Breastfeeding precautions

Clean interface and easy to use

This medical plant encyclopedia is not for medical guidelines on
herbal drug dosages or medicinal chemistry for pharmacy on
medicinal plantsfruitsleaves or roots.

The herbal plant medicine book can be used as a herbs encyclopedia
or a offline medical dictionary for medicinal plants. Most
medicinal herbs and plants listed where used as African traditional
medicine to provide a natural healing. Some were used as
traditional Chinese medicine herbs Philippine medicinal plants
south african medicinal plants and hindi. Medicinal plants and uses
app provides a natural health home remedies and ways on how to cure
diabetes.Today most plants are used by herbalist in the clinical
medicine. Our medical app does not encourage the use of plants for
medicine as a way for natural treatment without the advice of a
professional doctor.

Medicinal Plants and uses / What’s New in v2.6.9

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