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Love, Money, Rock’n’Roll

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Love, Money, Rock’n’Roll APK has been officially released on Google Play. Although this visual novel game was only released in early 2021, it has received a lot of attention from gamers. And if you are also a fan of this game, you can download the APK file of Love, Money, Rock’n’Roll here!

Overview information

Introduce about Love, Money, Rock’n’Roll

The story

Love, Money, Rock’n’Roll is set in 1986, a time when globalization is taking place strongly. It can be said that then, money can buy everything, but it is also the source of political intrigue and anti-social rebellions.

Nikolai is the main character of the game. He is the son of two former Soviet engineers. However, they died in the process of working, and that made Nikolai an orphan. With his fortune inherited, he attended a prestigious local school. But that is why dragged him into troublesome events involving intrigue, money, and complex relationships.


Love, Money, Rock’n’Roll is a visual novel game. The gameplay of this genre is very simple. You just need to touch the screen to forward the characters’ lines. Sometimes, the conversation will lead to some decisions, and the system will give different responses to choose from. The direction of the story will depend on your choices. Therefore, you should carefully read the dialogues between the characters to lead to the results you want.

Love Money RocknRoll gameplay

The game has quite a few characters. You will meet Himitsu first. She is Nikolai’s childhood friend. She is always considerate and always takes care of Nikolai. But do you think what Himitsu expected was a mere friendship? Perhaps, she needs more than that! You can clarify this by interacting with Himitsu, observing her expressions, words, and actions.

Some basic operations

Love, Money, Rock’n’Roll has a fairly simple control design. Most of it is taps and swipes on the screen. I will provide some guidance for you.

  • Swipe right to skip the text.
  • Swipe upwards to display the in-game menu.
  • Swipe down to hide the user interface.
  • Swipe down to show history.


During the game, you will interact with a lot of people. Himitsu was introduced by me before. There are also several other main characters as Kagome, Ellie, and Catherine. Each of them contributes to Nikolai’s fate. I can give some general information about them.

Love Money RocknRoll screenshot

Catherine is Nikolai’s ex-girlfriend. She left Nikolai a year ago. Recently, she went back to school and transferred to Nikolai’s class. Was this a coincidence, or did Catherine want to heal their love once more?


Ellie is a beautiful girl with self-esteem. She is the granddaughter of the principal of the school Nikolai is attending. Ellie approached and got along with Nikolai very quickly, ignoring many eyes stare.

Love Money RocknRoll apk

Finally, Kagome – the class Nikolai class is studying. She is a difficult person, has strange behaviors, and does not want to befriend anyone. So she is not loved by everyone. But a series of events take place that makes Nikolai and Kagome know each other. What could Nikolai find out behind this mysterious and difficult girl?

Explore Japanese culture

Love, Money, Rock’n’Roll is inspired by Anime, so you can see a lot of Japanese culture in this game.

On the content side, you can see how people talk to each other. The game also provides information about common Japanese words such as honorifics: kun, san, sama. In it, “kun” is used with male friends, or juniors or subordinates. San and Sama are also used in different contexts and subjects. If you are learning Japanese, this game is an effective way to hone your knowledge and vocabulary.

From the visual aspect, you can see the clothes that Japanese people wear every day. Love, Money, Rock’n’Roll are carefully invested in graphic design. The details are sharpened and selected in suitable tones, increasing the realism of your experience.

In addition, you can also enjoy the music bearing Japanese culture from the 80’s. They play in the background and automatically played depending on the scene.

Download Love, Money, Rock’n’Roll APK for Android

Love, Money, Rock’n’Roll is an excellent visual novel game, helping you to experience the story of love between the conspiracies of power, politics, and money. The content is detailed by many characters, evoking a sense of curiosity for the player. Meanwhile, the graphics are beautiful, and there are love songs for you to enjoy.

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