Kodak Showcases its Smile Range of Instant Print Cameras and Products at CES 2019

Kodak is showcasing a number of new products at CES this year. This includes the the Smile range of instant print cameras and devices. The new instant-print cameras and mobile photo printers are manufactured by Kodak’s brand licensee C A Global, and the range includes the Kodak Smile Classic Instant Print Digital Camera, the Kodak Smile Instant Print Digital Camera, and the Kodak Smile Instant Digital Printer. The company is also showcasing its Luma range of projectors and digital film scanners at CES this year.

The Kodak Smile Classic Camera sports a built-in digital photo printer and has a very nostalgic look to it. The camera has a 10-second timer and is equipped with a pop-up viewfinder, an automatic single strobe flash, and a microSD card slot. It can print on 3.51 x 4.25-inch sized Kodak Zink sticky-backed photo paper instantly. It also allows users to print from their phones via Bluetooth, using the free Kodak Instant Print Companion app.

Kodak Smile Camera has a 10 megapixel resolution

Photo Credit: Kodak

The 10-megapixel Kodak Smile Camera is a more of a retro-design camera with photo printing capabilities. The camera itself has pretty basic features such as an LCD viewfinder display, 10-second timer, automatic flash and a microSD card slot.

The Kodak Smile Instant Printer is a retro-styled portable printer that’s capable of printing images using Kodak’s Instant Print Companion App from any iOS and Android devices. It was also shown off at CES 2019.

Kodak Smile Instant Printer prints photos from iOS and Android devices

Photo Credit: Kodak

Kodak has been diversifying with its brand off-late with a number of products like the underwhelming Kodak Ektra camera that we reviewed a couple of years back.

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