What is Humanoid Robots

A humanoid robot is a robot built the same as humans with hands to do work, legs to move, and ahead to think. They use Artificial intelligence means they can understand the surroundings and perform according to that.

This kind of robot is more advanced than any other robot. They have been built with sensors. This sensor allows it to gather information about the surrounding.

They have motion cameras as the primary sensor for gathering information same as humans. They have ears to hear the surroundings.

These humanoid robots are used by many researchers in various scientific areas. Scientists clearly observed the bio-mechanics to build humanoid robots.

The initial reason for humanoid robots was to build better orthosis and prosthetics. Some of the examples are powered leg prostheses for neuromuscularly impaired people, biological realistic prostheses, and orthosis.

Besides this, these robots are built to perform human assistance to the sick and elderly, performing dangerous works, working on reception, or in automotive workers. This robot can theoretically perform any task like humans if they have the right software.

The humanoid robots with Artificial intelligence can be used for deep/long space missions where they wouldn't have to come back like humans. It will consume fewer resources on space missions than humans.

SpaceX which is a private space organization is working on creating humanoid robots for working and assisting on space missions.

They have all the three primitives of robotics which are Sensors, Planning, and Controlling.

The sensors first get the information from the surroundings and then the planning where they work like humans. The software installed studies every action before performing it. They calculate the G force, Dynamics of the robot, center of gravity to move the robot.

The software used in such robots is iCub-Hri: A complex framework for human robots. This software is way too ahead of we know. They do multiple calculations at a single time to perform the movements of the robots.

In near future, it can be possible that there would be a personal humanoid robot for everyone. A friend who can assist you emotionally and physically.

Some examples of humanoid robots :

1. Ocean one

This robot is the most advanced humanoid robot with Artificial intelligence. This robot performs the marine task in place of marine divers. It is used for ships wreckage recovery mostly.

2. Atlas

It is the most dynamic humanoid robot. It was built for a prize competition. It can be used to assist humans in many disasters. It has the best balancing structure and can perform various physical activities.

3. Nao

Nao is an autonomous and programmable humanoid robot built by Aldebaran Robotics. It is used as personal assistance.