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Grow Survivor MOD APK is a retro pixel-style zombie game developed by PixelStar Games. The game for you who like this topic but do not want to be too immersed in the violent and bloody complex world of a hardcore zombie game. Just play and entertain comfortably.

Overview information

Grow Survivor: Slowly shoot zombies, no need to rush

An attraction story from the opposite things

In the world of mobile games, there are games filled with paradoxes and contradictions. I thought the game had a detailed story, but actually, it didn’t. I thought it would be pretty bloody, but in the end, there wasn’t any gore. And I thought the fight with zombies would be intense, but actually, it’s very relaxing and comfortable. Grow Survivor is a game like that.

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Unexpectedly, all those unexpected contradictions are its attractions, causing players to fall into the sweet trap and stay in it for hours without even realizing that they have been addicted. In Grow Survivor, you play as a survivor of Apocalips. The mission does not say, we also know, you will find a way to survive, hunt zombies and research vaccines, save the world.


Actually, I don’t want to talk about the gameplay of this game either. Because it… actually has nothing to say. The operation is so simple that my cat can also fight zombies. All you need to do is tap the screen to kill the zombies.

But simplicity doesn’t mean boring. To kill one or two zombies is easy. But to kill the huge swarm of zombies, you have to do a lot of things. Collect materials to craft weapons, then upgrade yourself, collect accessories to support when needed, then constantly change weapons with dozens of weapons that the game provides.

You can also create your own elite robot army to help you quickly destroy many brainless zombies. And along the way, of course, you have to overcome countless challenges (minigames) presented by the system to collect the necessary items. All these things do not just want to be done. You also need to think, have strategies, and a perfect plan. So I just said from the beginning that this game itself is a mountain of contradictions.

Slowly, the game will also let you choose your own character and choose a lot of different weapons to carry. But believe me, looking at weapons and characters is not much different because all are just pixels of retro-pixel graphics. The difference is just color.

This retro game will bring your childhood back

An important point I want to talk about about this game is the graphic style of Grow Survivor. You already know, retro is in every field and represents a trend that you will face even if you don’t want to. People always say everything will come back. Nostalgia is not a style anymore, it is a lifestyle.


The retro style in the game is quite strange. If you are Gen Z generation, do you remember the first games you played on a console? They are pretty lumpy, fun, and almost only use a single Pixel graphics. All images, gestures, actions in the game are the assembled pixels on the screen. Just seeing these pictures again, you will see the heaven of childhood coming back.

And here, we have a retro game, Grow Survivor that’s worth playing. This design makes an inherently heavy topic become easy, relieved, and even quite cute. Grow Survivor has all the classic features of a retro game, from design, color scheme to gameplay. But you will not foresee the amount of work that little characters in the game will have to do only until you actually press the “Play” button.

Everything was pushed up again to the climax with the participation of the background music. Playing zombie games on the music of decades ago when you were wearing flared jeans, bob hair, did you know this? I was kind of shocked when the first disturbing music came out. No one thought that this topic would become “70s 80s fashion” so much. But it is this bizarre music background that fits perfectly with the game’s pixel style.

MOD APK version of Grow Survivor

MOD feature

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Buy items with real money for free.

Download Grow Survivor MOD APK for Android

Grow Survivor is a game you may not really like when looking at the image and introduction. But give it a chance, and you’ll have a few white nights staying up to kill zombies in this game. Trust me.

Download Grow Survivor MOD APK right here, guys!

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