Top games for Android under 100 mb data

New games and their updates are being released regularly. Gameing has now become a profession more than only passion. BGMI, Among us, Free Fire etc. have bound people to the gameplay with their regular updates and unique concepts. We are writting this blog to provide you with a list of more games, which are equally addictive and fun.

#1. Mr. Gun

Offered by famous game developers Ketchapp, Mr. Gun is an arcade level-based game with pleasing graphics and fun gameplay. With the app size of only 40mb, the game is surprisingly appealing to the eyes with almost no lags or frame drops. This shooting game gives player one chance to kill the enemy or else get killed at each step to finay meet tricky bosses at the end of levels.

#2. Ninja tobu

Developed by New Zealand company, Ninja Tobu is quite interesting game which tests your skills. You are a ninja in the game who has to tap, drag, swipe, jump and use all of your skills to rise step by step and kill the enemies to complete the quests. Unlock skills to play more efficiently and move farther in the game. The Japanese theme of the game is basic but catchy. Game size : 78 mb

#3. Can knockdown 3

Can knockdown version 3 offers way too much realistic graphics for a game with app size of only 51mb. This basic yet interesting game is so addictive that you just simply can not stop knocking out cans. Challenging levels in 3D locations won't let you exit the game. The latest version covers all of the previous versions of the game.

#4. Mech Arena

Developed in Israel, Mech Arena is a PvP (Player versus Player) game. Play custom matches agaisnt your friends or make a team together to go against the players from around the world, Mech Arena provides you enough features to bind you with itself. 20+ maps, smooth graphics, endless match builds, customisable characters etc. are key features which will keep you addicted to the game. The game can be played online as well as in offline mode.

Game size : 100mb

#5. Psebay

This racing game from Russia is for you if you like soothing atmosphere graphics and smooth gameplay. Dynamic gravity makes the gameolay more exciting. Atmospheric sounds, stunning sceneries, comfortable and easy controls won't let you quit the game that soon. Getting these stunning graphics in 45mb game is mesmerizing.