Gadgets that say THE FUTURE IS HERE

1. Pix Mini backpack

Makers have shown the peak of their innovation with the launch of the customisable Pix Mini backpack. The era of smart gadgets is here. Everything from lights, tv and even vehicles are controlled by apps. So why not a backpack? Pix is presenting here a mini urban backpack which will add to your everyday style. The bag has a shockproof and water-resistant LED display on it's back which can be customised using the PIX app. The times of boring printed backpacks are over. Now program qnd design your screen using Pix app and display any pixel art on your backpack.

2. Flynova Pro ball

Designed in the shape of a ball, this drone is an eye catching toy for the kids in your house. This ball has air suspension and can reach as high as 49 feet (50 meters approx.) with the help of it's magic wand (basically a controller). The lights are customisable and can be changed with or without the controller. Its has an inbuilt boomerang feature which shows the brriliance and innovative nature of it's makers. If you are looking for a gift that will mesmerize the kid in your house, then Flynova Pro Ball is the right choice for you.

3. Phonepad

Available on Kickstarter (app and website), this portable monitor can turn any phone into a tablet. It is the World's first portable and handy montior which can be used with any smartphone or computer. All you need is your smartphone and a charging cable to connect to this computer, no need of wifi or any other third party apps. It is also compatible for devices like laptops, cameras, SLRs, game consoles etc. It is compatible with almost all devices. Phonepad increases the productivity of your smartphone and makes your smartphone work as nothing less than a computer. It also offers reverse control technology which allow user to control their smartphone via phonepad monitor.

4. Half Bike 3

Launched by halfbikes, this bike is what the future of bicycles might look like. It's compact, steady and tough body is at once appealing to customers. The three tyred Half Bike 3 is made from aerospace aluminium with laser cutting technology which makes it light, yet strong enough. The bike has four gears and is equipped with drum breaks to ensure maximum safety. It weighs less than 10 kilograms making it easily portable and less spacious.