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Fotor Photo Editor - Photo Collage & Photo Effects7.0.0.40

Fotor Photo Editor – Photo Collage & Photo Effects / Screenshots

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Fotor Photo Editor – Photo Collage & Photo Effects / Description

Fotor is an online photo editing program with 350 million users
that from all round the globe.

Fotor was once called Photoshop Lite by the BBC because of its ease
of use and its ability to satisfy most of your photo editing

“I find using Fotor is simple and straightforward. I believe that
many photography enthusiasts are going to love Fotor’s photo
editor.” – TUAW

If you’re still looking for an easy-to-use photo editor packed with
features and filters well look no further because Fotor is your
answer. –

Fotor is perhaps the perfect solution for many amateur

Come and see how Fotor can help you express yourself easily.

1. Full-featured effects borders and stickers to expand your

Hundreds of special effects designed by pro photographers and
designs to carefully cover color pallettes like film nostalgic
retro kaleidoscope and other styles. There’s so many to choose from
that you can mix and match to create dazzling visual displays!

Christmas Printing Snowflake Frames Holidays and over 200 other
interesting and unique stickers for you to choose from which makes
editing that much more interesting!

2. Personalized collages makes it easy to control any space!

You can use Fotor’s Collage Creator to quickly create something a
will a choose your own style and place photos wherever you think
they belong. You can also add filters and rotate the image. Your
space is now yours to customize!

3. Professional editing software that you can chisel out your own
charming image!

The industry-leading Fotor photo processor is powerful able to
handle high-quality images with ease. No matter if you are
adjusting the brightness contrast saturation shadows highlights
noise dark corners cropping angle correction or whatever Fotor can
handle it!


4. One-click enhancements brings out the best in your photos!

Most photos aren’t taken in a professional studio and what about
the perfect camera settings and positioning? It’s hard to get
right! That means editing is inevitable which is where the magic of
Fotor comes in. One-click Enhancement lets you make quick editing
changes to the image in both detail and level. The Scene features
offers 13 different auto-enhancement options for various lighting
shadow etc. conditions. Now you can shoot and adjust later!

5. A natural focus that unleashes your creative spirit! Fotor has
circle lines and ellipses to focus on your expression point. The
shift-axis editor that is used to adjust depth of field is only
found on in professional DSLR rigs but now it’s also available here
in Fotor!

Fotor Serial Subscriptions

* Fotor Pro subscription fees can be charged monthly or annually
depending on what you want.

* Join Fotor Pro and gain access to all the features and paid
content including effect packs collage packs sticker packs and
anything we think up in the future. Advertising will also be

* If you purchase a serial subscription you will pay any and all
relevant fees after confirming purchase. Once the subscription
period is nearing its end you will automatically be charged
24-hours before the subscription period ends unless you turn off
auto-renewal before the end of the current billing cycle. Fees will
be deducted from your iTunes account depending on the package
you’ve chosen.

* Service Agreement:

* Privacy Policy:

Follow photography masters in the Fotor community and enjoy the
latest and hottest pictures on the platform and be inspired from
them learn from their techniques and become an even better
photography enthusiast.

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Fotor Photo Editor – Photo Collage & Photo Effects / What’s New in v7.0.0.40

* New Design Function Release

– Support synchronizing user data like editing and saving on App
and website

– Various template dimensions include poster, logo,etc, meet all
design needs

– Provide design features like shadow, align and text effects

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