FM Synthesizer SynprezFM II 2.3.1 by JeanMarc Desprez

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FM Synthesizer [SynprezFM II]2.3.1

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FM Synthesizer [SynprezFM II] / Description

SynprezFM 2 is a programmable polyphonic synth with a multitouch
dynamic keyboard arpeggio effects and 1024 built-in instrument
patches. It uses Frequency Modulation a lightweight method for
generating complex harmonic waveforms by mixing or combining sine
samples controlled by envelops and LFO. It is able to produce
analog style pads to emulate classic or modern instruments or to
invent new and awesome crystalline sounds.

SynprezFM 2 is also a Yamaha DX7 emulator that can render with
accuracy the sysex files you upload into an external storage
directory setup by menu in order to heighten the experience. You
can also create and save your own patches either by editing one of
the (deliberately) unsorted builtin ones or starting from scratch
with the ‘init voice’ function.

It is possible to record WAV to connect a MIDI keyboard (using a
USB/OTG cable for Android Honeycomb 3.1 or Bluetooth Low Energy
for Android Jelly Bean 4.3 ) and to take advantage of a small step
sequencer. Even small devices can now leverage 2 synthesizers
thanks to an optimized layout. To simplify the classic usage
complex functions are now only available in ‘expert mode’
(activatable in the setup page): this regards the patch editor and
the new micro-tuning feature.

While you play you can trigger an after-touch vibrato effect by
dragging your fingers on the active keys or shift the keyboard to
different octaves. Other performance parameters can be accessed
above the keyboard including 2 types of portamento a sensitivity
range for pitch or volume modulations and some effects that give a
sense of depth when using a headset especially on plucked sounds.
You can also adjust the polyphony to adapt to your device
capabilities. Thanks to an optimized core you can hear up to 16
channels playing together even on mid-range devices.

[Thank you Caroline for kindly correcting my english 🙂 ]


– fix countless annoying bugs

– pseudo compressor to enable louder sound

– MIDI support based on Android libraries to address more MIDI

– storage access rewritten to solve first time access problems (and
support Android 11 )

– pitch discrepancy on recording (48K vs 44.1K) fixed



– wireless Bluetooth MIDI support

– “MIDI slave” support

– support for multiple MIDI keyboards

– finer volume and balance scale wired on MIDI

– “Scoped Media” storage mode mandatory for Android 11

– peak indicator on VU-meters

– drop down menus with pseudo LCD

– output volume operating after the FX processor

– description of the device capabilities in the configuration

– better MIDI traces to diagnose problems

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