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Discover quality content for all your interests – from
personalized news entertainment tech and sports articles to
trending lifestyle magazines. We’ll deliver the latest headlines
events and entertainment stories to save you time keep you informed
and make sure you’re always up-to-date with what’s happening.

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TV stations and independent producers for free. Visit the Explore
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travel lifestyle celebrity sports and more.

Trust our unique combination of professional editors and smart
algorithms to customize and deliver must-read stories and
undiscovered gems. Get the full perspective on the latest news –
and share what you find. Our editors blend expert voices and
curated sources and even recommended stories they know you’ll like
so you can sit back and flip through what matters most to you.

You can even customize your personalized newsstand: pick your
passions and create a Smart Magazine for each topic feed. Are you
interested in world news events or tech developments? Want to read
articles from national newspapers discover sports podcasts and skim
the latest news? Looking to seize the zeitgeist from trending
lifestyle stories? Flipboard has you covered.

Plus you can create personal magazines: find articles you want to
read later or you want to share and use the ” ” to flip them into
your own magazines.


• Discover the latest news from The New York Times National
Geographic Vanity Fair and thousands more top newspapers and
magazines local national or from around the world

• Create and customize your Smart Magazines: bundle together
sources people and even hashtags to get access to truly
personalized news

• Customize your home feed: collate up to 9 of your favorite
Smart Magazines together for quick access to the features you


• Read The Daily Edition: keep up with the latest headlines
and trending events in our daily roundup of important stories and
personalized news articles

• Curate your perspective: collect stories around specific
themes and add them to personal magazines


– News & Politics: discover the latest headlines in national and
world news with newspapers and publications like The New York Times
CNN Politico Axios

– Tech & Science: read the latest tech news with TechCrunch
trending science stories with Wired and more

– Business & Entrepreneurship: get personalized news relevant to
your interests from The Wall Street Journal Bloomberg Forbes

– Sports: national pastimes or world news never miss key sporting
events with ESPN CBS Sports

– Entertainment: get world news even for celebrities and
entertainment with People Rolling Stone Variety

– Lifestyle & Wellness: explore emerging lifestyle trends with Brit
Co. Self Women’s Health

– Food & Cooking: get some serious food inspiration from Bon
Appetit Food & Wine Serious Eats

– Travel: feed your wanderlust with National Geographic Travel
Leisure Lonely Planet

– Home & Gardening: dream up your ideal home ELLE DECOR House

– Style: avant-garde or corporate with an edge… get sartorial
inspiration from Vogue Refinery29 W Magazine GQ


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