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Fengmi Laser Cinema 4K Max officially Released: 100-Inch 4K Screen, For Just $2999

Xiaomi Youpin launched Fengmi Laser Cinema 4K Max, featuring a 100-inch 4K screen 2.1DTS sound channel cinema audio, 4500 ANSI lumens and other characteristics, and the price is 26,999 yuan.

In appearance, the overall size of Fengmi Laser Cinema 4K Max is 608 x 389 x 140mm, which is made of CNC metal, with 8mm metal anodized frame, and streamlined design with gradient light and shadow.

The brightness of Fengmi 4K Laser Cinema Max is as high as 4500 ANSI lumens. The brightness of laser TV products sold in far supermarkets is higher than the cinema standard, officially bid farewell to the era of projection and turn off lights.

At the same time, it is equipped with Fengmi’s self-developed FAV image quality optimization technology, and adopts industry-leading HDR10 and HLG decoding technology to bring a more detailed picture contrast; in addition, Fengmi Laser 4K Max also passed the THX cinema-level image quality authority certification. Restore the most real cinematic experience.

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In terms of sound quality, Fengmi 4K Laser Cinema Max is the world’s first laser cinema and projection product that supports DTS Virtual:X virtual surround sound technology, so there is no need to purchase an additional audio system separately. At the same time, it is equipped with the FAA sound engine developed by Fengmi Technology, which uses technology to comprehensively improve the “sound” auditory performance. It can also be connected to Fengmi 2.1-channel wireless home theatre speaker Audience, which can change the complicated operation of connecting the cable of the combination speaker. Just connect the power supply and it will automatically network and pair.Fengmi 4K Laser Cinema Max adopts a 0.25:1 large depth of field and ultra-short focal lens design, which can easily project a giant screen of up to 200 inches. MEMC motion compensation technology makes the speed clear. It also uses Amlogic’s high-performance chip T972. Compared with the previous generation of projection chips, performance is improved by 63% while power consumption is reduced by 55%, and it is the first to support 8K video decoding. In addition, there are many highlights such as far-field voice and massive resources, which bring the ultimate user experience in all directions.

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In terms of sound quality, Fengmi Laser 4K Max is the world’s first laser theatre and projection product that supports DTS Virtual:X technology. It is also equipped with the FAA sound engine developed by Fengmi Technology, which uses technology to comprehensively improve the “sound” auditory performance.

In addition to flagship hardware products, Fengmi also announced the latest version of FengOS large screen system 1.2, which will be released in October. Based on the original FAV/FAA audio and video engine, far-field voice, Xiao Ai, non-sensing focus, full-screen content preview, and customized homepage, this version completes technological breakthroughs and adds voiceprint recognition for the first time, Omnidirectional trapezoidal automatic correction, support for cutting-edge technologies such as HRD, and new settings with no ads when booting, uphold the concept of FengOS content first, bring a simple and pure viewing experience, and fully demonstrate the new “soft” of Fengmi Technology strength.

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At the same time, Fengmi also launched the latest Fresnel flexible anti-light screen. Mr Lai Yongsai demonstrated the performance of the Fresnel flexible anti-light screen by demonstrating the electric lifting screen at the press conference. The screen is mainly lighter and thinner, has a larger viewing angle, and can effectively avoid glare, which can bring a more comfortable viewing experience.

Fengmi Laser Cinema 4K Max is another innovative masterpiece of Fengmi Technology in laser TV products. It continues the 100-inch large screen (up to 200 inches), 4K resolution, 4500 lumens super bright, and Rec.709 super Hardcore indicators such as high colour gamut and high dynamic contrast.

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Fengmi currently has 13 products (including overseas versions), and a total of 6 Mijia projection series products jointly developed with Xiaomi. The addition of the flagship new product Fengmi 4K Laser Cinema Max has opened up the flagship top-level product market for Fengmi Technology improved the product matrix and enabled Fengmi Technology to form a full range of competitive advantages and continue to lead the ultra-high-definition video field in the 5G era.

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