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* DJ Mixer Player – Mixup Name to Song is the party making app for
late night party lovers. Play this featured free version of DJ
Mixer Player app. Mix your normal songs and mix it like the remix

* DJ Mixer Player Good DJ software can make all the difference in
your performance. If you wannabe DJ starting here with the

* DJ Mixer Player is for late night party lovers. Powerful music DJ
studio set and beats music maker for parties. That cover like an
equalizer and music booster for your needs. manipulate the music
you want by adding DJ sounds effects using music equalizers and
more. Easily edit your existing songs list with DJ sounds available
and have all night party as DJ mixer simulator. Home DJ to get fun
with friends and making professional music mixes with this pro
virtual DJ.

* DJ Mixer Player! packs a full DJ kit into your mobile phone. And
that’s without sacrificing a single music mixer feature. Imagine
it! Your fingertips can make songs and remix tracks just like a pro
except instead of a vast kit you just need one little

* DJ Mixer Player offers unlimited creative freedom and lets users
switch between their own mp3 and streaming sources.

* DJ Mixer Player Mixup Your Favourite Songs is a music app for
creative people and music lovers like you! In this music Amazing
there are music tracks with different loops and you can combine the
sounds turn it on or turn it off. Manipulate the music as you wish
by adding sound fx dj sounds effects using music equalizers and

* DJ Mixer Player – DJ 3D music player is the virtual dj app for
creative people and music lovers like you guys and in this 3D DJ
Virtual mixing application you will also be given some inbuilt
mixing music. It’s a very user-friendly and responsive DJ Mixing

# Features of DJ Mixer Player:

1) Automatic touch disc beat & tempo detection shuffle.

2) High-quality circles and specimens DJ mixer Player app

3) Drag music to playlist music library to easy importing.

4) Powerful blender DJ programming for beginner and expert DJ.

5) User-friendly beat maker for real music lovers.

6) Real crossfader with 2 virtual mixer TURNTABLES.

7) Sync function for complete synchronization.

8) Push The Buttons To Play Cool Sounds.

9) Continuous sync between your two tracks.

10) 3D integration: mix and remix millions of tracks instantly.

11) Support for all major audio formats.

12) DJ Music Mixer supports Music Equalizer lets you adjust sound
effect levels so that you get the best sound.

13) 3D DJ Mixer Player auto-mix feature (random & playlist

14) Virtual DJ in Android.

15) Search music for album folder genres…

16) 3 Music Player List.


# Music Player List:

1) Tracks Song List.

2) Artists song List.

3) Album song List.

* DJ Mixer Player is an advanced DJ application suitable for
everybody whether you are a novice or a pro. You can use it as a
standard free music player to play your mp3 files.

* This is not all. There will be alot more features going to add in
coming weeks.

* If you have any suggestion regarding any new feature or wants any
new feature to be added in this app then kindly give your share
your love by give your 5 star.

* We update a new version every month stay tuned.

# Experience a music player in the form of a DJ where you can use
it to do the DJ work in a party.

# We’re always trying to make DJ Mixer Player – Mixup Your
Favourite Songs with Virtual DJ better

Thanks for using.

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