Bridge Constructor (MOD, All Unlocked)


Bridge Constructor – For a long time, architecture has been known to be a landmark art of history. Architecture is used to create the most beautiful buildings, resorts, recreation areas, and bridges. Not only brings unique landscapes, but these bridges also contribute to connecting isolated areas, connecting regions or bringing people closer together. Do you want to be an architect who builds bridges in the future? Bridge Constructor will help you realize that dream. This great work has helped you show creativity, can make money easily, then hesitated not to participate in this game right.

Use materials, physical knowledge to build bridges

You will be transformed into a talented architect, responsible for the design and construction of bridges. It sounds simple, but you will have to create the strongest bridges in harsh terrain such as hills, cliffs, valleys, or across rivers. With materials such as wood, concrete, cables, steel, etc. You have to carefully calculate the use of the least material but still ensure the stability of the means of safe transport way.

Check for durability by different means

At each stage you only have limited supplies of raw materials, so you need to look at the terrain and start giving the best ideas to make. In this game, creativity contributes to your winning. Moreover, through more than 40 levels, the terrain will constantly be changing, and the difficulty will be pushed higher, will you be able to overcome it?


From the beginning of the game, the system will give you specific instructions to understand how to build a bridge. The first step is to create a concrete pavement or wood. Next, you need to build a suspension cable system to support the bridge, or strong pillars to make the bridge more solid. If the trucks can safely cross the bridge, you will win.


Bridge Constructor is a fascinating puzzle game from publisher ClockStone STUDIO. Take part in this game and create sustainable bridges over the years to connect all parts of the country. The game is about 25MB and requires Android 2.5 or higher; you can spend $2 and own this game right now. Overcome all challenges and become the best architect

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