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The Bugatti Chiron has been added to the line-up, and we’re anxious with anticipation. This car is designed to be among the most exclusive of the breed, and boasts features we have dreamed of and can’t wait to experience. We’re talking 1,479 bhp at 1,180 lb-ft torque, which will easily outdo the Veyron.
This all-wheel drive beast is a highly anticipated, exclusive car. As if the specs didn’t already speak for themselves, only 500 will be produced, making the 2020 Bugatti Chiron even more desirable and sought-after.
It’s time to look at 20 surprising things you never knew about the Bugatti Chiron.
20 Top speed 300mph

Via Bugatti
If you have a need for speed, the 2020 Bugatti Chiron will not disappoint. The top speed in this monstrous vehicle is a whopping 300 miles per hour, electronically regulated to 261mph, or 420 km/h. It will get you anywhere you want to go, faster than you can utter the address.
19 Named After Race Driver Louis Chiron

Via YouTube
The Telegraph reports that the Chiron model was named after the race car driver, Louis Chiron.  Louis was an F1 Race car driver who excelled in rallies, races, and the Grand Prix. His reign spanned over an impressive 29-year period, during which time he accumulated more accolades than we can list.
18 Can Consume Its Entire 100L Fuel Rank In Less Than 7 Minutes…

Via DigitalTrends
If you have any doubts or questions surrounding the sheer velocity and incredible output of this car, rest assured you will be amazed by every aspect of this vehicle’s performance. According to the Telegraph, this car packs such an incredible amount of speed and force that it can consume its entire 100L fuel tank in under 7 minutes.
17 Deemed “The Most Beautiful Car In The World”

Via Pinterest
The Chiron Noire was deemed “The Most Beautiful Car In the World” and was inspired by the mysterious disappearance of “La Voiture Noire”, which disappeared at the beginning of the second world war.
The 2020 Chiron Noire will definitely set you back a few dollars. However, according to the Bugatti website, if you happen to stumble across the missing vehicle from 1938, you will be holding the most expensive, valuable car in the world.
16 250 Already Reserved For VIP Orders

Via TheVerge
This car is so highly regarded and anticipated that VIP orders have already been placed, and were aligned well in advance of the car’s official release. VIP orders of the car were sold by a German dealership for a $1 million premium, allowing secure ordering and a special, exclusive shopping experience.
15 Requires 60,000 L Of Oxygen…Every Minute

Via Autogespot
This is a high-performance vehicle like no other. The 2020 model Bugatti Chiron needs power to make power. It requires a whopping 60,000 L of oxygen – every minute – in order to reach peak performance. If that’s not an indication of the force behind this car, we don’t know what is.
14 Has 10 Radiators For Cooling

Via BenjaminmonPhotography
Similar to its predecessor, the Veyron, the Chiron packs a 10-radiator punch. The car has to regulate its temperature against the sheer force and power that is being generated and used by this incredible machine. When you see 10 radiators, that tells you all you need to know about the power of this car.
13 Has 37 Liters of Water Pour Into The Radiators

Via CarAndDriver
If this seems like a lot, wait a little longer to be able to fully take this in. This car has 37 full liters of water pumped through it – every – three – seconds! Without the full functionality of all 10 radiators, the car will be at high risk and won’t regulate.
12 Aerodynamically Designed

Via DLMag
The shape of the Bugatti isn’t built on someone’s vision to create a futuristic vehicle. Not in the least. You’d be surprised to know that every square inch of this vehicle was aerodynamically designed to ensure top performance.
Motor Authority reports that the main elements seen on this car, from the rear, side, and front, are based on form following performance.” The increase in torque and horsepower required a specialized designer to ensure the body styling accelerated the performance rather than impeded it.
11 Three Air Dams On Both Sides

Via CarMagazine
The three air dams that can be found on the 2020 Bugatti Chiron are not an accident and none of them are there for aesthetic credit. Their functionality is to cool down the car during peak performance – a crucial element for the overall drive, and a necessary element to the safety of this car and its passengers.
10 Even The LED Headlights Have Air Intakes

Via PopularMechanics
We’re not sure if you’re catching on to the patterns here, but we certainly are. This car uses a lot of power – then needs even more. The main focus behind the entire design of this car, is to ensure that cold air goes in, and hot air comes out, right down to the unique and intricately designed LED headlights that come complete with air intakes.
9 Really Long Illuminated Strip On The Interior

Via Pinterest
The interior of the 2020 Bugatti Chiron is like no other. There’s simply nothing else like this car on the market, and there are some amazing new features that you will want to claim as your own.
One of the most appealing aspects of this car is the illuminated strip on the interior. The center-line is in the shape of the letter “C” and let’s face it – it’s a really cool feature.
8 Biggest Clutch Ever

Via LuxuryLaunches
Car Throttle claims that the 2020 Bugatti Chiron has the “biggest clutch ever fitted to a passenger car. There’s so much torque on the gearbox that it’s not shocking to hear about the oversized clutch at all, but we now want to experience this first-hand. This in-house bespoke 7-speed clutch has peaked our curiosity.
7 Airbag – Overload

Via YouTube
When we stop to think how fast this car is designed to go, it’s not surprising to learn that the 2020 Bugatti Chiron comes with a ton of airbags. There are airbags at every angle, in an effort to provide a safe experience for every rider, every single time.
6 Intense Testing

Via Motor1
Rediff talks about the rigorous and exhaustive testing that the 2020 Bugatti Chiron has undergone. They state that the reps at Bugatti have claimed to have spent 300 hours in the wind tunnel to fully test this car. That estimation brought them to over 200 sets of tires being burnt…and you do not want to know how much each tire costs!
5 Exhaust Is Titanium

Via MotorAuthority
Just when you thought this car had shattered all expectations you ever imagined from a supercar we’ll note one more thing: the exhaust is made of Titanium. Yes, Titanium exhaust finishers are used to push the exhaust emissions further from the rear of the car and reduce turbulence at high speeds. Oh, and it’s also just really cool!
4 Carbon Fiber Monocoque Takes A month To Make

Via Motor1
The unique, custom-outfitted carbon fiber monococque of the 2020 Bugatti Chiron is a true labor of love. There are so many steps to its design and creation and the work involved is incredibly meticulous. All aspects combined, it can take up to a month to fully complete this incredibly rigid component for one car.
3 Airbags Housed In Carbonfibre

Via LuxurySocietyAsia
If you’re planning on driving this car the way it’s meant to be driven, you probably don’t want to be hitting anything with it – you’ll be going dangerously fast. We’ve already mentioned that Bugatti went airbag-happy and installed numerous airbags into the 2020 Chiron, but they didn’t stop there.
Car Throttle reports that the 2020 Bugatti Chiron is among the first in the world for this – the airbags in the seat, and sides are all situated in carbon fiber housings.
2 Boasts Impressive Storage Space

Via ChironWeb
Storage space may not be the first thing on your mind when you think of buying a Bugatti, but you’ll definitely need to store something at one time or another. Car Throttle reports that the Chiron can actually fit a suitcase that is the size of a cabin trolley in the trunk.
1 One Radiator Is Tilted

Via MillerMotorcars
Interestingly, the reason there’s this much space for storage is that one of the 10 radiators is mounted in an inclined position which increased the available space in the vehicle. Car Throttle reports that the coolant circulates 800 liters of water through the engine every minute!


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