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ASL American Sign Language1.4.3

ASL American Sign Language / Screenshots

ASL American Sign Language / Description

Knowing American sign language (ASL) will enable you to meet and
interact with a whole new group of people. It is our goal to
deliver a convenient enjoyable learning experience that goes beyond
the basics.

We are bridging the gap between the hearing and the non-hearing
community. The voice to text features capture the voice and
translate it into text. The text to speech features enables deaf
people to share their message.

The “Shortcuts” feature has ready-made buttons with text and voice.
You can add most used sentences as buttons with text and voice so
you don’t have to write or speak every time. These shortcuts can be
handy in different scenarios.

Pictograms feature is designed for illiterate people. It helps them
to talk through pictures. This app allows deaf people to


⦿ It is Free.

⦿ Not mixing with your privacy no extra permissions.

⦿ American Sign Language (ASL) History

⦿ Learn Alphabets A-Z

⦿ Learn Numbers 1-100

⦿ Commonly used phrases in conversations and vocabulary.

⦿ 250 Basic Signs with Video: Family signs Place signs Time signs
and many more.

⦿ Play ASL(Words) Picture Matching game.

⦿ Play ASL(Numbers) Picture Matching game.

⦿ Facts and Figures about American sign language (ASL)

⦿ Feedback

It is a community app. We are the voice of deaf people. You can
send us your stories and we share them with over one million

Note. New updates are coming soon (ASL Jokes Wallpapers Quizzes
Games). You can send us your suggestions through feedback.


ASL American Sign Language / What’s New in v1.4.3

*** Improved ASL mobile app.

*** A new set of features that bridge the gap between the listening
and deaf communities.

*** A Newsfeed tab is added. Now you can read, submit, and share
news and stories related to Sign Language and deaf people.

*** Spanish Español Support is added.

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