Asefat AlHarb 5.4.0 by Babil Games LLC

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Asefat Al-Harb is a free strategy multiplayer game where you truly
control every movement of your troops fight for survival build a
massive army with advanced war machines and gather resources in a
competitive PVP environment.

In the arid and merciless lands of World War 3 fight for survival
in Real Time Strategy 3D game. Compete in a PVP battle by making
strong alliances to weaken your enemies with your cunning politics.
Combine military power and deadly weapons to gain advantage and
ensure a superior army.

– 3D Realistic Graphics: witness a war battle in fully 3D

– No Cool Downs: Build your army and get ready to fight a PVP
battle in seconds.

– Real Time Strategy: freely control your army in a war battle
attacking or defending your position in PVP.

– Explore the world: explore every corner of the world in search of
valuable resources or allies.

– Modern War: fight for survival in a devastated WW3 world lacking

– Conquer the PVP: control PVP battle war zones by attacking or
defending your territory from other players.

– War Machinery: choose for the war battle over 100 different types
of tanks warships and aircraft.

– Battle Ready Soldiers: improve your strategy by choosing between
snipers infantry and heavy weapon soldiers.

– Resource Control: battle on PVP for the controlling resources is
vital for your army growth strategy.

– PVP Alliances: join forces with other players to create a joint
strategy to win every PVP battle.

– Military base: protect your army base by building walls turrets
and fortified bunkers against enemy threats.

– Research: advance your technology to the next era and surprise
your enemy.

The world is in your hands.

Unify the world map under your army name fight epic battles with
your alliance in warzones take control of strategic PVP areas clear
out the rogue factions in real-time combat.

An action-focused RTS without cooldowns.

Wage your wars with great realism and control every moment of your
legendary units through the real-time control feature of the game
plan and execute your strategies as you gain full control over your
army units. Prove your authority and strength on the battlefield
and PVP.


Gather a massive army for attack strategy.

Attack your enemies with mighty power using a vast army. Choose the
way you play by using diplomatic or aggressive tactics to conquer
each battle and win the war.

Increase the power of your tanks build a massive fleet of
helicopters and aircraft train elite soldiers for the front line of
your infantry and place strategically nuclear submarines near the
enemy base.

Build the ultimate defense strategy.

Defend your base with turrets strongholds reinforced walls and
elite snipers. Keep the aggressors out of the reach of your
resources and base by building an impenetrable defense.

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