Animated Halloween weather backgrounds addon 1.0.10 by MACHAPP Software Ltd

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Animated Halloween weather backgrounds add-on1.0.10

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Animated Halloween weather backgrounds add-on / Description

This is an add-on pack for MACHAPP weather applications and
contains a set of beautiful animated weather backgrounds for
Halloween for each possible weather condition ⛅️☁️🌪

Watch beautiful animations for any possible weather condition
including displays of the sky clouds rain snow thunderstorms all
with Halloween themed assets. Paired with matching sound effects
this set of animated backgrounds is the best add-on for your
favorite weather app.


This is NOT a standalone app. In order to use it you must also
install any of the following weather apps by MACHAPP:

– Transparent clock & weather

– Sense flip clock & weather

– Sense V2 flip clock & weather

– 3d flip clock & weather

– 3d Sense clock & weather

– Digital clock & weather

We constantly work on improving our apps and giving you more
features. If you have any suggestions for improvements or requests
for future updates do not hesitate to send us an email at
[email protected]


Animated Halloween weather backgrounds add-on / What’s New in v1.0.10

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